Springboard Workshops are facilitated groups for anyone working on a creative project. We meet every other week for three months. We help you complete your creative project or get better at your craft in a fun, rigorous and immensely rewarding environment.

  • We help you set goals & break up your project into manageable segments
  • We give you a creative community that holds you accountable
  • We inspire you & push you in new directions
  • We ask you to think big yet be realistic
  • We will, we will rock you!

We take a heaping tablespoon of positive psychology, a generous helping of group dynamics, a fair amount of Expressive Arts, some zest from the coaching world, a pinch of improv games, and a healthy dose of first-hand knowledge about creating, season it with compassion and fun, then stir it all up – and that’s what a Springboard group is made of!

What you create is up to you – we’ve had all kinds of creators here. From designers to DJs, coaches to puppeteers, this process works for anyone working on a creative project. And if you just can’t choose (a problem we see a lot), don’t worry, we’ll help you figure out what to focus on. Contact us with any questions, we’re happy to answer them.