Get Springboard Workshops to run a program at your company! We have many different offerings, and can customize to meet the needs of your employees.


1) Bite-Size: $150-$500
A 1-3 hour seminar on creativity and busting through blocks! The group will learn about different modes of creativity, practice new ways of looking at their projects, and walk away with concrete steps that will further their work, both in the office and in their personal projects.

2) Bread and Butter: $500-$1500
A 2 week group that meets 4 times to help people accomplish small goals. Inspiration and accountability in an easy to digest package!

3) Entree: $2000-$4000
A six week group that helps people finish small creative projects.

4) The Full Meal: $5,000-$10,000
This is a 3 month long traditional Springboard akin to what we regularly offer the public. We meet 10 times for a total of 24 hours and help your employees set – and reach – modest yet concrete creative goals.

5) All-You-Can-Eat: $15,000-$25,000
In this special one year long program we focus on longer term projects.

Exact cost depends on many factors including the number of people in the group, total hours, and many other things. Please email us for a detailed quote.

recent article in Time magazine makes a compelling argument for programs like Springboard in an office setting:

“Perks today are less about wooing new talent and more about shaping corporate cultures and, in many cases, finding creative ways to reward employees when bonuses and pay bumps aren’t in the budget. ‘With the economy still not picking up, companies are trying to figure out different ways to motivate employees and manage burnout,’ says Danna Greenberg, associate professor of management at Babson College and author of The New Entrepreneurial Leader . . . Some of these creative perks can do wonders for office creativity and problem solving, says Hayagreeva Rao, professor of organizational behavior and human resources at Stanford University. ‘It’s called priming,’ he says, citing one study where people who are shown a picture of a library and told they’re going to a library start speaking softly.”