How does this work?
We help you define your goals for your project early on and we help you stay connected to the reasons you wanted to undertake it in the first place. We do not threaten, cajole or behave like a stern taskmaster. Rather, we believe excitement is a greater motivator than fear. Additionally, we create an atmosphere where you want to do your project because other people are doing theirs; you are all in it together.

Are the Springboard Workshops for me?
We’re probably a little biased, but the answer is YES! We have helped all types of people take all sorts of projects from idea to reality – musicians, bloggers, writers, visual artists, dancers, singers, animators, filmakers, event producers, photographers and much much more. But don’t take our word for it, check out what people are saying on Yelp!

How much does Springboard cost?
Find your location on the menu above to determine enrollment fees. Note that it is now possible to Crowdfund your Springboard tuition! And we do offer one partial scholarship per group.

Will this be hard?
Maybe. You’re embarking on a creative project! You’re still going to bump up against your fears, methods of procrastination, and all the other icky stuff that can come up when you create. The difference is you will have a supportive group that is walking the same path. Of course, you might also have all the other stuff that can come up when you create: excitement, satisfaction, and clarity!

How much time do I need to schedule for my project?
That’s entirely up to you. Of course, there are the two hour meetings approximately every other week. In addition, at a minimum, we suggest making sure you have 3 hours a week free. Some people devote much more time, depending on their project.

I´m having trouble choosing a project, can you help me?
Certainly. Send us an email and we’ll set up a time to talk. Generally, we advise choosing something very manageable if this is your first Springboard or if this is your first foray into this particular medium. We would rather you hit a small project out of the park than aim too big and fall short. Then you have the confidence to bite off a little bit more next time.

I don´t have a specific project in mind, I just want support in getting better at my craft, can I do that?
You betcha. Springboard has a ¨Product¨ track and a ¨Process¨ track. Everyone meets in the same group but some people don’t want to focus on a specific end goal. Our Process track allows you to identify how much you want to work on your art and in what ways. Then you’ll be inspired and held accountable by the group to doing it.

I can’t make every meeting, is that OK?
Yes, that´s fine. The most important meeting is the weekend one that meets for four hours. You definitely shouldn’t miss that. As long as you won’t be missing more than a meeting or two over the 3 month you will be fine.

How did you guys get so awesome?
Aw shucks, that’s sweet of you to say. We’ve worked hard at it over the years!