Get It Done: Joining a Springboard group is the best thing you can do to complete your creative project. We offer a supportive community, project management skills, and inspiration. You provide the sweat. What you can accomplish in three short months may just change your life. Don’t take our word for it – see what participants are saying over on our video page, or check out our Yelp reviews for the San Francisco groups.

Location: Portland – TBA

Schedule: TBA

*If you’re not sure if a Springboard Workshop is right for you please come to the first meeting, just let us know you’re coming by sending Dawndae an email!

Cost: The cost for the entire Portland workshop is $560. That´s 10 group meetings (totaling 24 hours) PLUS 2 hours of private coaching to keep you on track. We offer several different ways to reduce this cost, however. Note that, per the usual fine print, these offers can not be combined.

  • Early Registration – $450: Save $110 when you register and pay in full by 5pm December 1st, 2014.
  • Partial Scholarship – $280:   We offer one partial scholarship. If you are interested in applying for this please send an email to dawndae@springboardworkshops.com and tell us 1) about your project 2) why you think you’re the person who should get the scholarship. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, November 25 and we will only be offering this to one person in the Portland group per workshop series.
  • Payment Plan – $225/$205/$205: If you can’t come up with all the money at once simply make a deposit of $225 by the registration deadline of 1/9/15. $205 will be due on 2/3/15 (session 4) and your final payment of $205 will be due on 3/7/15 (session 7). Note that there is a $75 fee built into this method.
  • Crowdfunding – $0: Springboard has its own built-in Crowdfunding program! Ask your friends and family to support you in enrolling and bringing your creative project to fruition. All funds must be collected and then submitted by registering below no later than January 9th, 2015.
  • 4 Person Registration – $1680: Pay for four people at once and get 25% off per person! This option brings the normal $560 per person registration fee to $420.

ADDITIONALLY: The base price of the Workshop includes 2 hours of private coaching but many people find having more one-on-one time to be helpful. We’re here to help! Normally private coaching through our Springboard Workshop facilitator in Portland is $75/hr, but if you pay for additional sessions at the time of registration you can take advantage of a discount that is over 25% off: $55/hr. This coaching is done by the group’s facilitator who really knows you and your project. It’s a great way to turbo-charge your creativity. You can register for these extra coaching sessions along with your Workshop below!


Stay tuned for registration info. 

Size: We have anywhere from 6 to 12 people in the workshop so everyone can receive adequate attention.

Facilitators: TBA