Crowdfunding Your Springboard Tuition

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Perhaps you don't have the money to participate in Springboard right now. We don't want that to stop you from enrolling and that's why we've built in a Crowdfunding option for participants. Now you can ask your community to support you in enrolling in Springboard so your creative endeavors can be successful. No need to go to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, we've got our own platform! And because that money goes to paying for a Springboard Workshop your friends and family know that you will have the support you need to complete it. The only fees which are taken are Paypal fees. You've got nothing to lose! You can even raise money above and beyond the Springboard fee to help you with your project.

How do I Crowdfund my Springboard tuition? Send an email to info [at] SpringboardWorkshops [dot] com and we will get your project up on our site. Please include the following information:

1) Your name.

2) A description of the project you'd like to do during Springboard.

3) The location where you want to do the Springboard Workshop.

4) The start date of the Springboard Workshop you want to attend.

5) If you want your project to be "Pledge-What-You-Want" or "Levels-Based." If the latter, please indicate the levels and rewards you want to give. See our example on the right side of this page for some ideas.

6) At least one photo that gives people an idea of what you might be creating - perhaps it's just a photo of you. The more photos and details you have the better. Got a video? Even better! Send us a link.

7) Your target amount for fundraising - our workshops are $395 and that should be your base amount. If you're trying to raise additional funds on top of that please specify what the money will go towards.

Also: we're happy to help you fine-tune your pitch! Just send us an email.

+The Project FAQ's

Is this a real project? No! This is just an example that we are using to demonstrate the possibilities for Crowdfunding your Springboard tuition.
Can I still donate? Er, sure?
What happens if I don't make my target? You can make up the difference with your own money, or choose not to participate in Springboard and  your donors will get their money back.
Can I raise more that just Springboard tuition? Yes! If there is money associated with producing your project we are happy to help you raise it. For projects whose total goal ends up being greater than $1500 we would want to have a pre-fundraising phone interview to assess your ability to produce the project during the Springboard time frame.

Pledged of $395 Goal
Ended on

The rewards below are examples of some potential rewards for donors!

Basic : $10.00
A $10 donation gets you my undying appreciation and a big hug next time I see you. I will be honest: you would have got the hug anyway but it will feel better knowing you have donated.
Stepping Up : $25.00
A $25 donation gets you a poem created for you, by me, expressing my undying appreciation. And the hug from the Basic Level.
Fancy Pants: $50.00
Your $50 really is a big help. You get the hug, the poem, and I will handcraft a personal thank-you card.
Big Spender: $100.00
Hey Big Spender, spend a little time with me. That's right - dinner! Come over to my place and I will cook you dinner. Plus the hug, poem and thank-you card.
Benefactor : $200.00
Wow. Just wow. $200 is half of my goal. Your rock. How can I thank you enough? Here's how: I will write you a song and upload it to YouTube. And you get the dinner, hug, poem and thank-you card.
The Whole Enchilada : $395.00
Really? I am blown away by your generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me bring this vision to reality. I will name my first child after you. Plus, you get the song, hug, poem and thank-you card.

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