Help China Grimm-Jones Release Her Lion & Complete Her Book!

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"Hello friends and family. Currently I am taking a workshop that helps guide creative projects. During the span of the workshop I have learned so much about the creative process and gained support to see my project through to completion. The creative project I have been working on is a children's book about a boy and his lion. The book is also about finding the courage to release our inner lion. Help me release my inner lion and support me on this journey! I will be pre-selling hard copies of my book for $50. It would make a great gift for a loved one, or even a nice little coffee table book. If you can't afford to  buy the book, any donations would be appreciated. All of the funds earned from the project will go towards the workshop tuition, time put into the project, manufacturing costs and materials. I hope you look forward to seeing this project completed as much as I do. Thank you so much!" -China Grimm-Jones

Alex and His Lion

Pledged of $500 Goal
Ended on

Help me raise enough money to complete my children's book!

Basic: $5.00
A hug! + a digital copy of the book.
Basic Plus: $10.00
A greeting card, digital copy of the book + and why not a hug.
Advanced: $20.00
A full color 8X16 art print from the book, and a Skype chat with me to talk about my book, or life in general.
Rock Star: $50.00
Congratulations! You will be one of the first to have a printed copy of my hardcover book in color with a signature. Plus, a greeting card, and a Skype chat with me.
Super Star: $100.00
You are so awesome!, Im going to take you out to coffee give you a printed version of my book, and give you an original drawing from the book.

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