Completed Projects

Some of the great projects that Springboard has helped facilitate. Wouldn’t it be nice to add your project to this list?

jaya_cover_squarespaceAlexis Cohen – Graphic Novel: Alexis used Springboard to help develop her first graphic novel, Jaya the Nighttime Faerie & the Music of Everything. The graphic novel is an illustrated journey of a young faerie who learns how to harness her special gifts to overcome any challenge or fear. When Jaya comes out at night, she hears and dances to the musical rhythms of nature—sounds that no one else can hear.   You can pick it up here and check out more of here work on her site.

MissAliceAlice Fitzgerald – Character Development, Video Production – Alice fleshed out and developed her Miss Alice character, a “magic-packed journey of discovery into the worlds of sound and movement, shape, size, color and number” for kids. Learn more here!

Sol Rising – Event Production: Sol Rising, aka Brandon Au, used Springboard to plan for and launch a record release party for his slamming new LP, I Am Soul. Check out the video from a packed Sweet’s Ballroom about the event!
Cary Miller – Storytelling: Cary used Springboard to develop a curriculum for her passion of working with kids through storytelling. Literally the day after the last Springboard meeting she had an interview with a school and got a job doing exactly what she wanted. Believe it when she says “magic does happen!”
Zaak Kertstetter – Audio Production: Zaak created an EP of music. In an attempt to to explore a new paradigm for storytelling in contemporary society, Zenotope produces experimental electronic soundscapes that meld downtempo beats with thick currents of bass. His compositions are a collision of articulate melodies surrounded by shadowy echoes. Have a listen and download the album over at Zenotope
Katie BurkeWriting: Katie used Springboard to work on several different writing projects including a blog, her writing consulting business, and a story published in the L.A Times!
Robert Hickling – Filmmaking: Robert already had Knights of Revery up and running as a theatrical experience but wanted to expand the Realm of Dreams into film in order to create intrigue and entice folks to come to shows. With the help of Springboard, fantastic collaborators and colleagues, Lullaby 328 – Wanted Dead or Alive music video and the Knights of Revery Trailer were realized.
John DavidAudio Production: Producing music under the moniker Palindrome, John David seeks “to express notions of tension, contemplation, longing, release and stillness, and to honor the cycles of nature that hold us in their eternal grasp.” John had an extensive background in audio, but was seeking support around completing an EP and bringing his many ideas to life. Check out the impressive results here:

Sing-Along-With-Bernadette-FWBernadette Quattrone – CD Production – Bernadette used Springboard to set the wheels in motion for production of her kids music CD: “A fun and silly collection of children’s music you can easily sing along with at home or during circle time at school!”  Go preview it and buy it here!

Derya InaniciVoice: Derya decided to use Springboard to learn how to sing. She had a lot of hesitancy about using her voice and learning to sing was a real edge for her. With the support and gentle encouragement of the group she discovered what a beautiful voice she has. By the end of the course she was singing in front of strangers!

Marinella Di Matteo – Graphic Design & Screen Printing:  In her own words, Marinella wanted “to turn everyday objects into a form of artistic expression and permeate the world with little pieces of beauty.” Having recently had a baby she decided to do this with baby clothes and created this line of hand silkscreened all organic baby clothes with her own designs on them. They can be seen on hip babies everywhere.  Here at Springboard we’re confident in saying say she accomplished her goal!
Baron Von SpiritDJing: Peter Weinstein used Springboard to take his DJing to the next level. He focused on applying new skills in order to create three distinct mixes–each highlighting a different element of his repertoire. One resulting mixtape even got picked up by two premier dance music blogs, and He has gotten more gigs and fans as the result of his Springboard project.
Jose Rodriguez – Lamp Design: Jose’s project was to create “luminous poetry.” To do so he conceptualized, designed and executed a line of four lamps with themes of sacred geometry and sail shapes. He used textile, paper, lights, and knot work details inspired by rope bondage. He went from never having created a lamp to being an expert. His project was a big success!