Look at the great things Springboard grads are saying!

“My experience with Springboard has been unparalleled in my creative life. Not only was I able to move past the creative blocks that had crept into place in my life, but I learned a lot about myself and how to structure my life and projects to let my creativity flourish.” –David Herschorn, Photography

“I absolutely would not have accomplished my project without the help of Springboard! Like most people in the Bay area, I’m very busy. Every time I found myself inspired to record a children’s music CD, I told myself there was no way I had enough time to get it done. Springboard taught me how to break this project down into attainable goals…before I knew it I had begun rehearsing with friends, raised the funds for the project, and set the date for my first recording session! I met some fantastic people and got in touch with my own creative process and how to push through seemingly impossible obstacles. Springboard was a very positive and productive experience that I highly recommend.” -Bernadette Quattrone, Music Production

“Bend your knees, exert your energy & journey through the space created. Super supportive group where each individual is given the opportunity to share, create, guide and problem solve. I loved it. Changed my life.-Andrea Jacobson, Guided Imagery

“Very warm and supportive group. Excellent group dynamics. Through games and various exercises Springboard created a very safe and creative space. We could all be vulnerable and feel supported.” –Jess Lanham, Visual Art

“A framework and clarity of vision are in my experience vital components to the execution of an ambitious creative project. The Springboard Workshops provided and nourished just this.” –Jose Rodriguez, Lampmaking

“Springboard is a community of inspired artists and supportive friends, who care about one another’s projects. The support and accountability this group provided propelled me to heights of talent and productivity that I may not otherwise have reached.” –Katie Burke, Writing

“Springboard Workshops are a great way to give yourself a good kick in the butt to go ahead and create whatever project you’ve been putting off. It not only holds you accountable, but also offers a sweet support network that continues even after the project is complete.” –Alyssa DeCaro, Dance & Sound

“An incredible journey within a light and fun structure. I’m not only happy with the results of my project, but happy to be a part of everyone’s projects as well.” –Marinella DiMateo, Silkscreen & Design

“Springboard helped me finish a project I’d been unable to finish for 9 years!” –Seth Benton, Photomosaic Software

“Springboard forces you to show up and keep moving through personal projects . . . even when you want to stop or abandon it. You find kindred souls along your creativity path.” –Michelle Meeker, Animation

“The supportive structure of Springboard really held me accountable to get my project off the ground. I’m so grateful!” –Mia Cara, Writing

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