The Team

Alexander Warnow, MA is the founder of Springboard Workshops. He recently created “I Love You Because . . . “, a collaborative photo project exploring love. He’s been a DJ for more than a decade and is a professional photographer. He’s facilitated groups for many years. He graduated from CIIS with his Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with a focus in Expressive Arts Therapy and is currently working in private practice as a therapist for men and boys in Alameda, CA.  He’s very excited to be able to bring everything that he’s passionate about into one format. (photo by Michael Rauner.)


Isabel_Headshot_250Isabel Santis, MA, PMP is a coach focusing on helping people find within themselves the power to step fully into their strengths and lead fulfilling lives. In addition to her coaching practice, she leads a women’s group focused on personal development, and works with non-profits in the arts and education. Prior to becoming a coach, she worked as a Project Manager for many years, owned her own business, and practiced sculpture, mixed media and encaustic arts. It was her work as a project manager that inspired her to pursue a Masters in Transformative Leadership. Her primary areas of inquiry are personal empowerment and transformation, leadership development, positive psychology and effective communication. Her belief that people are complex, multifaceted, whole beings has prompted her to seek additional training that allows her to offer her clients a variety of options to address their particular needs.


Rosie Lila is a true Renaissance woman engaging the world through public speaking, community building, and creative event production.  She is the founder and CEO of Movement Play Events TM  and the producer of the Movement Play Microfestival, and works with the Burning Man organization as its first official Cultural Ambassador.  With a BA in International Business from the University of San Francisco, and numerous years of entrepreneurial experience, Rosie brings to the Spring Board workshops a level of acumen that helps refine participants’ ideas with strong focus.  She has extensive experience in crafting and launching creative endeavors, and her current and prior projects include her blog, founding and operating a hoopdance fitness company through which she traveled the nation and world teaching, and producing finely curated events since 2006. Rosie is dedicated to transforming the world through play and community development by creating spaces in which others may engage in expressive exploration to beget creative ideas supported by planned and implemented actions.


Penny Fellbrich, MFT, has been supporting people in transformational development and Expressive Arts therapy for over a decade. She is committed to facilitating the expansion of her clients’ goals, creativity, pleasure and self-expression through her workshops and coaching. Penny is passionate about inspiring people to integrate more play and creativity into every area of their lives.  She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with a focus in Expressive Arts Therapy.  Penny co-created the Arete Graduate Course, and led The Arete Experience in New York City. She is a co-founder of SpiralMuse, a non-profit organization and women’s community healing center.


Robert Hickling has coached, directed, and performed in improvisational theater for a number of years since 2000 beginning at BATS Improv, and considers the values and skills of improvisation an amazing foundation for all things creative. Getting a Bachelors in Ecological Design through Stanford University and a Masters at the San Francisco Institute of Architecture provided breakthrough and groundwork exposure to methods for the imaginative process.  He has co-created, produced and is acting in his own show called Knights of Revery, and with the wonderful added support of Springboard in spring 2012, made his first Knights film. A web and graphic designer, his portfolio is composed of websites, apps, brands, acting, photography and print. He often likes to ask, “So which San Francisco Bay Area personal growth workshops have you done?” Not for status. Out of curiosity. He’s done quite a few. Currently, it’s the Hakomi Comprehensive Training. A whole lotta gratitude goes out to his friends, family, teachers, and the grace of good luck. So excited to help you on your creative journey. Don’t forget, this is always going on.